I’ve just started a new YA series and I’m excited to share it with everyone!  It begins in the small town of Whispering Winds with fifteen-year-old Brenna Finlayson, and her twin sister, Keely.

From a small age Brenna has known that she has the power to heal, but fear made her keep her gift a secret.  When keeping her powers hidden is no longer an option, Brenna is informed that she has a responsibility to the world to protect the balance between good and evil.

But Brenna doesn’t want to be a flippin’ hero!  She wants to be a normal teenage girl.  When she discovers she has the right to choose.  The choice is easy.


Is anything ever really that easy?

Whispering Winds Unveiled is available for purchase on Amazon in e-book and paperback format.  Check it out!



Watch the Whispering Winds: Unveiled book trailer!